An activist and rational thinker, Ms. Frances Kissling presents her point of view
on sexuality, abortion, and positive thinking issues on . . . individual leadership
for right results.  

Coaching & Consulting Wellness 

Summary and Concluding Algorithm for Benevolence with Human Destiny  

            Where Blackmore (June 2006) describes consciousness through its complexity in terms of genes, memes, and temes, Kevin (November 2006) describes how technology becomes an integration of the same human variation, selection, heredity so that human evolution combines its own genetic heredity into a sustainable future with technology and  human evolution. Both Blackmore (June 2006) and Kevin (November 2006) speak to the future as a matter of human choice and destiny so that knowledge integrates and determines a special sustainable future as a matter of individual potential, consciousness, and human purpose of Life, Truth, Love, and God; ergo, Darwin (1956) provides the algorithmic format for humankind's continuous-conscious evolution and Wetherill (1956) reports only by adhering to the Natural law of absolute right with right action always bring right results. Nature's laws of physics must be obeyed . . . and so it is with man's progressive-positive evolution.     

ERGO, these ideas and tools for Leadership are available:

Refresh Leadership. (2010). Ideas for leadership. Retrieved December 25, 2010, from  


Darwin, C. R. (1956). The origin of species. London: J. M. Dent & Sons LTD / New York: E.P. Duton & CO INC

Wetherill, R. W. (n.d.). The tower of babel. Retrieved June 18, 2010, from    

Annotated Reference

Blackmore, S. (2006, June). Susan Blackmore of memes and temes. Retrieved from June

      15, 2010, from  

            Ms. Susan Blackmore uses an algorism of variation, selection, and heredity-to explain design and evolution, which she extrapolates from a Darwinian principle of University Darwinism found in Darwin (1956) in his book The Origin of the Species. Using memes and temes, she explains how human life is driven into greater complexity with integration. Citing how human life changes with genetic variation; she describes how a new human future is made possible because of memes and temes. She cites Man's genetic inherence now developing with and from a new pathway of evolution. She explains how combining man's genes with memes and temes, makes a third pathway is possible. She sees this third form of replication as not only dangerous because it is a new form of information, but also because it can evolve the human future without human life. This, Blackmore states will either created a sustainable future with man, or it will create a future for the universe with a new form of human-non-humankind. Blackmore leaves it to the viewer to perceive a new intelligentsia man-created by the knowledge entrepreneur.  

Kevin, K. (2006, November). Kelly Kevin on how technology evolves. Retrieved June 15,

      2010, from

      Mr. Kevin talks on the meaning of technology, its definitions, and it's wants. He sees technology as the seventh kingdom of life. Culture to Mr. Kevin is the growth of ideas where technology is its cosmic force. He speaks to embrace technology to enable us its choices, a way to explore--to find out who we are. To Kevin, technology brings us the possibilities of life, a better way to live. He cites technology as an enabler . . . to find our differences and to integrate them into new forms of human evolution. 

The Knowledge Entrepreneur: The Keeper of Human Destiny

In the student-centric curriculum classroom, the individual teacher-learner and student-learner has the choice of learning with wisdom his or her sustainable future and its purpose of destiny for individual and special meaning. Known as the life-long knowledge learner, both the teacher and the student learn and teach together the necessary nurture and nutrition of Life's and humankind's healthy growth and development so that the necessary keys to the God's Life Gifts of Being exist and continue. Known as gifted children, these keys of destiny are theirs by nurture, nutrition, and purpose, which is to teach others to learn so that they too become the keepers of healthy life, growth, and development. Thus complexity and integration-the algorithm for Human Destiny-sustains its own future and goals ergo NON ABUSIVE.

                                          Human-Rights Leadership for Right Action at The AHA Foundation Web Site

Retrieved January 10, 2011, from  

An example of Human Rights Leadership at the ANA Foundation Web Site. Retrieved January 10, 2011, from 


Proniss Insight ProBono

Subject: Fair Tax Consideration in terms of Personal Objectives, Goals, and Purpose

Proniss Insight: Sustainable economy recovery must by necessity facilitate a healthy ecology. Both a sustaining economy of a healthy ecology must together nurture both each individual's initiative and his or her opportunity to engage with the free-global market their Entrepreneurships. To support such sustaining entrepreneurships, the Federal Government must change the Federal Income Tax Code to a Fair Tax system of taxation. This tax system must enable the investor-buyer to create and build new dwellings for human habitation in the space and time of the earth and beyond.

Called Consumership Investments in the Free Market with right actions by   Individuals and the Federal Government, this combined action must be by Natural Law-the Law that bring right results with right action ergo so that the Laws of Physics (old and new) are transparent by, e.g., new technologies with  mobile applications.




What to Sustain with Honest & Collaborative



Blueprint for The Proniss Journal Agenda (2008-Current Date) on what to do to prevent the destruction of America: Richard Lamm, former Colorado governor, in his speech (May 31, 2010), speaks of the perils of multiculturalism when addressing the issues of overpopulation and immigration-taken from the book Mexifornia by Victor Davis Hanson (June 16, 2005).

Whereas, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (2010) presents a call to action: She cites a growing danger to Europe and to the United States growing out of ideas that allow and encourage the tyranny of girls and women. She also cites that this danger must be countered with integration into the culture of Democracy via education, the freedom to achieve one's personal objectives and goals, and the nurturing support to become one's best.

To this danger, Debbie Diller (n.d.) has solved its dilemma of differentiation. She shows a way for those who do not have the chance of education to enable themselves to think, to plan, and to reach their personal goals, to create, to achieve-building their sustainable future with their dignity for their happiness. She has resolved this dangerous problem with the solution of education-so that each individual, each family, and every green station is for individual literacy. She has provided the means for a new literacy-for the young and the old-everywhere in the world.

For everyone all over the world, we at proniss recommend a chance that affects all boys and girls to have an equal opportunity to study, learn, and apply their individual goals. This should become our collaborative future for mutual success, happiness, and the imagination to have the destiny of hope inspired by each of us and all of us.  

WHEREAS, with leadership, Inge Missmahl cites empathy as necessary for building confidence with core thinking using physical-social counseling for sustaining the future and human dignity. Whereby, “Psychoanalyst Inge Missmahl is working to build a system of psychosocial counseling -- to heal the inner wounds of the people -- in war-torn Afghanistan.”  Watch now >>                       


The American form of government. Retrieved August 6, 2010, from  

Missmahl, I. (2010, September). Talk: Inge Missmahl brings peace to the minds of Afghanistan.   Retrieved October 5, 2010, from 



Ali, A. H. (2010). Nomad. New York: Free Press.

Awuah, P. (2007, August). Awuah on education. Retrieved September 14, 2010, from            

Diller, D. (n.d.).  Literacy work stations: Making centers work.  Crystal Springs Books.  Summer 2010,

       p. 32.       

Lamm, R. (2010, May 32). The perils of multiculturalism. Retrieved June 1, 2010, from

Leadership, Education, and Its Vision-Right Results  

Ms. Angelique Chrisafis writes about Monsieur Stêphane Hessel who expounds in his essay "Indignez-vous!": Readers become angry about today's society condition--decreasing economical prosperity . . . increasing derogation of the world's ecology and economy; whereas, Misters Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder describe with in their leadership how society" should be and can be re-engineered with FairTax systems returns economy prosperity to each individual, the community for the ecology and its healthy nurturing of the Earth.  

The sought after revolution by these writers and authors (supra) is one in shared vision.  They see a new world order of grass root organizations by which individual and their groups collaboratively effect a non abusive world order according to the United States and its World Communities of Democratic Republics by which the Natural Law requires living in sustainable community dwellings. (See this Web Site for the Wellness Outline for rebuilding the Earth accords the Natural Law Purpose, the Green Party Goals, and the United States Constitutional Law requires all United States Citizens to support this Republic, which stands sustaining individual their vision vis-à-vis leadership, purpose, and individual-educational objectives are HUMAN CENTRIC ERGO).    


Finney, B. R. & Jones, E. M. (1985, Eds.). Interstellar migration and the human  

            experience. Berkeley  Los Angeles  London: University of California Press.  


Boortz, N. & Linder, J. (2005). The fairtax book. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.

Chrisafis, A. (2010, December 26). Political essay by 93-year old top Christmas best seller in France. Retrieved December 26, 2010, from  

Chrisafis, A. (2010, December 27). Get outraged! Political essay by 93-year-old tops Christmas bestseller list in France. Retrieved December 29, 2010, from C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\BIBLIOGRAPHY\PRONISS\Native Forest Council News.mht   


Leadership: Body Regeneration with Human Cells:

How To Sustain The Future

With Human Behavior


Creating, Honesty, Reason, and the Future

A Total-Life Vision

Mr. C. G. Essex

The Proniss Journal


Individually creating a sustainable education and future requires deep breathing, walking forward one step at a time, building a creative vision for the future that is honest and rational for one's self and others.  Each step must be built within one's conscious mind so that one's attitudes are honest, rational, and contain the objectives, goals, and purpose needed for one's personal-healthy growth and development with self-management so that one's life focus is holistic, honest, rational, and continuous.   

Sustaining the Future with Life-Long Education

            To sustain the future, Rosenstein (March/April 2010) calls upon the vision of the known father of modern management, Mr. Peter Drucker who advises: "The best way to predict the future is to create it," so breath deep, take one step at-a-time, and go forward from the present into the future (p.20). So that: Planning, goal setting, and taking responsible action becomes the preeminent way to the future.

            Using vision to predict outcomes, one must move forward one step at a time. Each step forward requires orienting one's consciousness in total forwardness so that one's objectives become goals to which one's purpose directs and guides the present into the future; thereby, vision is created and collaborated by the individual, the collaborative-knowledge worker.

Personal Growth / Self-Management

            For the individual to become a self-seeking collaborative knowledge worker, the modern worker must create his/her total life with knowledge by the education-experience and the work-experience, i.e., one needs to acquire knowledge and accumulate it into a total life effect. This becomes what is known as the criteria of goals to the future. This criteria-process of total life is absolutely necessary so that one's personal growth becomes self managed and available to create personal objectives and preserve one's goal-driven criteria into the future.

Five-Keys of Personal Growth / Self-Management

            There are five (5) key elements needed to create the self-generated total life effect criterion for the future: 

  1. Self-Development-Where one is in the present and where one wants to be in the future.
  2. Unique strengths-Core concepts of one's competencies.
  3. Backup career-Teaching; writing, e.g.
  4. Generosity-Time-sharing, sharing one's time and talents / skills.
  5. Teaching and Learning-Life-Long learning, e.g., in the classroom, etc.

These five (5) keys (supra) are needed to create a total-life vision. To do this requires having positive divergent interests, positive relationships, and positive pursuits with multi-perspectives of life and the world so that positive integration occurs. To incorporate this type of life-long learning perspective, one must bring into focus one's vision so that it becomes a natural part of creating and building one's holistic life and positive future.

      To be successful, one must uphold and preserve a healthy body and mind so that one's positive vision and focus can be maintained. Both Balch (2006) and Dewey (1933), translate this into a quality life style made possible with healthy air, water, food, and thinking, i.e., a supporting healthy natural environment-the ecology, the  economy, and one's healthy perspective or point of view. This requires recognizing and obeying the Natural Law of Nature. Recognition and respect for this Natural Law of Behavior is one's only true means of achieving quality self-management, personal growth, and life with purpose and happiness. This only can occur with what Wetherill (1952) cites as positive behavior that is championing both honesty and reason.     

      One's health, a healthy economy, and a healthy ecology are all necessary and made possible with one's ability to think reflectively, Dewey (1933). Thereby, with the Five-Keys of Personal Growth / Self Management  (supra), this holistic achievement becomes contingent to the mutuality health and success by all-each one of us in toto who are able to incorporate a new behavior by being rational, honest, and yielding one's will to what Wetherill (1952) calls the "creation's law of absolute right" (p. 1); THEREFORE, fair taxation is necessary and Right Action is required.  For this reason, the Proniss Journal is available to the public.  (Essex, May 19, 2010)  


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Rosenstein, B. (2010, March /April). Work-Life Lessons from Peter Drucker. Baseline, 103, 20.

Wetherill, R. W. (1952). Tower of babel. Retrieved May 24, 2010, from  

Leadership for Understanding and Design

Benyus, J. (2009, Aug.). Biomimicry in action. In TED Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading. Retrieved December 15,

       2010, from

          The World Blueprint: A healthy and Natural Law modality with right results designs sustainable human communities

         in the present for human dwellings now and in the future ergo.

Delaney, J. (2010, July). Wiring an interactive ocean. Retrieved December 2, 2010, from  

          Understanding the ocean, our life supporting system is an urgent matter. It is a must to solve the mounting problems

          that confront us as the world population increases. When the Natural Law of Life is followed, then right-actions will 

          bring right results. This will sustain Life with dignity.  Individual action will, thus, bring correct results--the effect of individual

          understanding  and  its creativity problem solving.       

Margonelli, L. (2010, August). The political chemistry of oil. Retrieved December 2, 2010, from  

          Talk presents describes the need to understand the chemistry of oil and the political chemistry of oil. She cites the

          reduction of the use oil by reducing the waste of oil as a most important focus and problem to resolve. Having more

          communication choice and a gradual tax on gas toreduce this use of oil will aid in the phasing out of oil and the phasing

          in of new alternative energy. This will, by customer's selection, reduce the waste of oil as more efficient means of transportation

          and use, for example, becomes available.       

Safina, C. (2010, July). The oil spill's unseen culprits, victims. Retrieved  December 3, 2010, from 

       Dr. Safina/s presentation is about the gulf oil spill. What factors that caused it. His approach is scientific. With it, he

          cites an amoral pursuit of profit causing vast socital consequences with dimensions in conflict with nature, which

          are causing actions to fall short of the right solution. Because of past and current reactive actions, these actions

          have and are generating incorect results. 

          It should be noted: Right actions should be proactive not re-active. To bring their right solution, they must aligins

          right-human behavior with the Law of Nature. This law must be obeyed. When this occurs, both the individual and the

          earth's ecology will be sustained. Life in this synergy is and remains continuous by individual objectives, goals, and

          purpose. When non abusive, understanding replaces ignorance. This replacement is the objective of education:

          To enable individuals to remain free to think and act for themselves as long as they seek their own happiness according

          to the Law of Nature and right action. This combination is reciprocal. It enables the individual to create his or her

          right results. The environment reflects those results with Life, Truth, Love, health and happinaess--Del gratia: Trust.

Leadership Values for a Just Constitutional Society

Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali (an interview September 29, 2010) speaks with Mr. Ian Moncaste-the American Podium: World affairs council-about her life Growing up as a child in Islam, leaving Islam, living in Holland, moving to the United States, and becoming an American citizen.

She speaks of values in contrast with the values of individual free choice--having supporting Constitution Laws. She cites how freedom of choice, liberty, and Islam requires reason and understanding to sustain their own future. In the United States or in other free world cultures, this must be an allegiance by reason and understanding for it is a natural right of responsibility-duty being human: To live wisely.  

Annotated Reference

Ali, A. H. (2010, September 29). In interview with Mr. Ian Moncaste--American Podium: The World Affairs Council. Retrieved January 18, 2011, from  

Ideas in contrast for sustaining Islam with reason, understanding, and individual   freedom, liberty, democracy in the Republic of United States-is a matter of creating, building, and sustaining the future according to the Natural Law for Right Action.      

Leadership Right-Action By Design

Benyus and Rockstrom depict transformative opportunities sustaining the planet earth

and its human community. They describe individual objectives, goals, and purpose so

that societal benefits and individual profits result according to The Natural Law and

human right action:

Benyus, J. (2009, Aug.). Biomimicry in action. In TED: Ideas worth spreading. Retrieved

       December 17, 2010, from 

Benyus, J. (n.d.). Ask nature - - Biomimicry Institute.

       Retrieved from  

Rockstrom, J. (2010, Aug.). Let the environment guide our development. In ideas worth

       spreading. Retrieved December 17, 2010, from  t.html


The Need for Global Reconstruction


Brown, G. (2009, July). Wiring a web for global good. Retrieved April 20, 2010, from Ted-Ideas worth spreading--on

           Collaborating together nurturing a sustainable world.

Brown, G. (2009, December). . . . Global ethic vs. national interest. Retrieved April 20, 2010, from Ted-Ideas worth spreading-on 

           The wellness of life of every human being is the responsibility of each to  

            collaborate individually with others so that each of us is free to reach to achieve  

            their own potential with this wellness.

Laine. C. (2009, December). Social entrepreneur. Retrieved April 20, 2010, from Ted-Ideas worth spreading--on   

           Working with infectious disease communities of people solving their unique problems with technology.              

Mishra, A. (2009, December). Environmental activist. Retrieved April 20, 2010, from Ted-Ideas worth


          Promotes water harvesting management technology.   

Schwartz, B. (2009, February). . . . on our loss of wisdom. Retrieved April 20, 2010, from Ted-Ideas worth


          Modern literature and wisdom for rebuilding our world with responsibility vs. Interest-with the respect for self and others.

Donations are received unconditionally for this Web Site's Pro Brono Mission supporting positive non-abusive human-striving of the individual.  


Announcement #20090926

Sustaining the Future with Individual Profit and Societal Benefit

The Proniss Journal is a private web site; its purpose is to affiliate products and services to the visitor or the client so that that individual's insight and choice can be applied to sustain his or her own healthy personal growth and development, reason, future, and human dignity living with our living planet.  Csikszentmihalyi and Csikszentmihalyi (1988) refer to this type of individual choice as a flow in consciousness. They describe how it becomes an individual's optimal experience and how it can become an university form of global leadership resulting in the development of the individual, the family, the economy, and the environment so that individuals can be self motivated to learn, develop, and create the necessary nurture and nutrition for an "autotelic" synergy in equilibrium with the sustainable future (Rathunde in Csikszentmihalyi and Csikszentmihalyi, 1988). This synergy expands the world's creative or intrinsic motivated-flow nucleus transforms society ergo.  MR. CGE.

In personal Email correspondence with Dr. Wayne Huang of the Rapid Learning Center for Physics, he presents a focus for understanding how the universe works and how individual intuitive and optimal thinking can be developed by (1) learning six principles for mastering physics, (2) learning a success formula, and (3) understanding the secret formula for success. Describing as tips to assist understanding in Physics, Dr. Huang cites how to succeed and excel in learning, understanding, and applying:

  • I. Six Principles
  • A. Force--often summed up by the contributions of Newton in his laws of motion and gravitation with the importance of force, mass, acceleration, and gravity.
  • B. Equilibrium--the balance-out effect of interacting forces. Applicable to static or dynamic situations as in terminal velocity or a mobile in perfect balance.
  • C. Motion--used to describe the velocity and acceleration of an object, or predict the time of a particular trip or movement.
  • D. Conservation--conservable qualities like mass, energy, momentum, and charge, etc. Applications used to solve problems and predict results. For example E=mc² combines mass and energy for their conservation.
  • E. Quantization--used mostly in quantum and atomic physics. Describes, for example, how quantities like electrons or energy levels must have certain quantized values. For example, an electron could only have an energy of a whole number or natural number of 1, 2, 3 . . . never a in-between number like an individual stands on a stair never in-between stairs.
  • F. Interference--applies mostly to waves; its principle is extremely important to explain the diffraction effects, or the wave/particle duality of light. When applied to waves, it can combine by adding or subtracting.

•           II.      The Physics Success Formula: Mastery = Core-Concepts + Problem-Solving + Super-Review. That is, mastery is knowing the core-concepts and their interconnections, applying understanding to problem solving, and the final study  review available on  

•         III.      Understanding the Secret Formula movie:


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Valone, T. (Ed.). (2001, January). Electrogravities systems: Reports on new propulsion   

       methodology. (5th ed.). Retrieved April 10, 2010, from     

          Literature on future energy-Newsletter / Catalog: /     

          New site for ordering resource material:  

Mr-Dr. Ed Wilson speaks about insects and their importance to diversity and biodiversity preservation. This video is closed to: Wilson (2007), The planet earth becomes a paradise in the 22nd century. Retrieved February 8, 2010, from   


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Coaching or Consulting Wellness



Free Conditional Coaching for Personal Coaching -- Call 800.264.8742

ATTN.: Free ½ - Hour Conditional Coaching. Choose from your own objectives or goals. Make your difference in the world. Build your greatness with your vision and your purpose. Achieve your success with the 9's coaching goal of wellness with the Proniss-Journal Objectives and Goals for Individual or Societal Sustainable Growth and Development--with this Coaching Friend. 

Proactive Scheduling

Calls will be personally answered Monday - Thursday 4 - 5 PM ET for Free Conditional Coaching. If Coaching is in process or received by voice-mail, then leave necessary information for return call or email so that your Free Conditional-Coaching can be scheduled to the hours of 4 - 5, PM ET Monday - Thursday. 

Each segment of the program has a money back guarantee to give you the client's satisfaction of value.

Program cost is determined and agreed upon at the end of the Free ½ Hour Consult requires the determined amount to be paid with a valid Bank Credit / Debit Card for the next proactive coaching session according to the following selections*:

  • 1. Objectives, Goals, and Hopes.
  • 2. What is Preventing Success?
  • 3. How is Prevention Overcome?
  • 4. Client's Action Plan.
  • 5. Resources: The Proniss 9's Program.
  • 1) Physical condition
  • 2) Nutritional balance
  • 3) Weight management
  • 4) Hydration
  • 5) Unwanted habits
  • 6) Stress management
  • 7) Fun & recreation
  • 8) Nurture-self / others

*The Proniss  9's Program offers the client three consult benefits and types with corresponding price ranging from lowest to highest:

  1. Coaching--Best used when client has a plan and objectives, but has blocking focus with uncertanties of the future, self, and direction. The coach / client relationship is able to provide partnership with the client so answers have clarity and implementations result in better orientation to the present and the future.
  2. Consulting--Best used when the consultant can provide to the Client answers for the future orientations for the Client's focus.  
  3. Therapist--Most useful when healing is necessary to unblock past emotional issues and scars that have negative affects on the Client's present and the future behavior; whereby, individual objectives are used to focuses the Client's vision and action for right results so that the Natural Law of the Universe becomes the individual's nurtured trust so that each and every individual has life long quality health, growth, and development of Mind and Body--the environment and right purpose ergo.

The Coaching Wellness Advantage

At the conclusion of each coaching section, you the client will gain the insight and confidence of a fellow traveler intended with self confidence and learning to build and sustain healing and wellness into a hurt and damaged world. This is called sustaining the future with your goals and the 9's complement.  Ehrlich and Ehrlich (2008) call this sustaining human evolution with successful ". . . practical goals of how to live . . ." with dignity au fait into the future creating the holistic nine's complement for Life (p. 368). 

Mr. C. G. Essex, Coaching & Consult

Copyright © 2008-2011 Electronic Publisher


Ehrlich, P. R. & Ehrlich, A. H. (2008). The dominant animal. Washington · Covelo ·     London: IslandPress / Shearwater Books.

--Mr. C. G. Essex

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                                  GREENPEACE INTERNATIONAL

Greenpeace International. (2010). Campaigns oceans marine life . . . Retrieved May 6, 2010, from

               Responsibility for wellness for life, ourselves, and others with the Marine Reserve Pledge.

Dr. Steven Cowley presents  ideas and facts on Fusion Energy and the sustainable future. Retrieved February 22, 2010, from  

Dr. Dan Dennett (2007) speaks on memes, their dangeroursness. Retrieved February 7, 2010, from

Mr. Hector Ruiz speaks on the opportunity connecting the world with the Internet.  
Reference: Ruiz, H. (2007). Retrieved February 7, 2010, from  

Dr. Sussan Blackmore (2008): Speaks about memes and temes. Retrieved February 7, 2010, from     

Issues of Human Rights: Ms. Sunitha Krishnan speaks to the compassionate members of the human race. She speaks for a new borderless intra-inter structure between nations and people so that child sex slavery ends and is prevented for good. She sees Child Abuse, like other abuses in the environment, as stoppable. She seeks help to enable a safe and healthy environment for the children. She wants the needs of the children to be realized so that all child abuse ceases. She wants every child to grow and develop with what Csikszentmihalyi (1997) describes as Flow--the Truth of the Universe: Human potential realized. Retrieved February 20, 2010, from  --For example, Ms. Kiran Bir Sethi teaches "I  CAN" =  EMPOWERMENT--becomes the healthy nurturing of children develops into their "I CAN" -- MIND SHIFT enables their positive attitudes, behaviors, and changes to the world:; therefore, Mr. Patrick Awual speaks for training leaders to effect the healthy nurturing, growth, and development of every child; to effect the quality of life with leadership, to effect a new renaissance with healthy air, water, and food so that human goals and purpose sustains the future with human dignity, non abusive aptitudes, and non abusive behavior as the Natural Right and Responsibility of every man and every woman: For example, both Miss Jennifer Lin and Miss Sirena Huang find and realize their flow illuminates their nurture and nutrition--their education, their health, their environment, and their own positive special skill and destiny: or  because their Human Rights to do so protected our opportunity to become as Csikszentmihalyi (1997) would--say: One's Flow creates meaning in ". . . a life worth living"  (p. 7).

For example, with dry humor, Mr. Professor Sir Ken Robinson speaks about education and how it should nurture creativity for the growth and development of the child with trust and literacy--a future where knowledge and human life is non abusive. Retrieved March 2, 2010, from

Ref. Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1997). Finding flow. New York: BasicBooks.

Mr. Professor Stephen Hawkins speaks about humankind's next challenge in space: Retrieved March 3, 2010, from     

This challenge (supra) can be and should be done with Space Elevators to Earth-Gravity Field Sun Cities where space-dwelling manufactured for human and non-human beings can collaborate their investigations and research to earth's community dwellings so that "UFO" and Flying-Saucer physics and technology continue us in space as a rational specie with trust-instilled-non-abusive behavior according to the Right-Natural-Law--our mind-heart choices requiring imagination, creativity, and individual goal-driven purpose; ergo, K - 12, must have common goals in purpose for the healthy growth and development of the child and the resulting adult.       

Ref. Vides.  or   

Mr. Doctor Scientist David Deutsch describes also this need of our "Space Ship Earth" and "our place in the cosmos":

Whereas Mr. Flaton (March 12, 2010) presents an example in action at Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri for living on Earth with Sustainable Green-Building architecture; he also, presents an example for considering genetically modified crops:

Dr. Shaffi Mather: A new way to fight corruption. Retrieved February 21, 2010, from TED at

Mr. Dave Cameron speeks on TED: The next age of government and individual well being. Retrieved February 21 from  --This new Proniss government is inclusive so that it brings what the government was failing to bring:  so that we find the opportunities in adversity that Ms. Aimee Mullins brings in her fortitude and TED presentations:  and      --WHEREAS, clean, safe, and energy-independency can become a reality with knowledge: Dr. Steven Cowley presents action-ideas and facts on Fusion Energy and the sustainable future. Retrieved February 22, 2010, from   

Health Wellness Coaching
Reason for Innovation
Proniss Right-Action Presidential Platform
Keeping Human Destiny
Theory for Cognitive Dysfunctional Behavior and Given Solutions--A Professional or Student Site
Education & Health
How to Quit Smoking
Planning Holistic Sustainability
Planetary-Stellar Permaculture Opporturities on Woodward Ave and . . .
Effecting Wellness Coaching & Consulting
The Earth Charter
Space Elevators / Amazon Cities
Reference for Human Purpose

Mr-Dr. Ray Kurzweil (2005) speaks about the promise and the peril of technology, decentralized resources, and exponential growth. Retrieved February 7, 2010, from 
Mr-Dr. Jared Diamond (2003) speaks about the collapse of society as their resources deplete and why there is a failure in a given society to solve this problems, which he states is due to the ruling elite's propensity to only pursue growth in the short run and not in the long run where development replaces growth. Becomes being able to get all core elements right, he states that sustainability is a matter of understanding the requirements for correct action and taking that action. Retrieved February 7, 2010, from
Ms-Dr. Majora Carter (2006) centers her presentation on sustainable development for local communities with green projects. By the community working together, she cites how positive returns benefit all those who so work together sharing the same green concern equally in benefits or profits of its win-win situation. Retrieved February 7, 2010, from
Mr-Dr. David Deutsch (2009) cites how man's place in the universe is a hub of existence where knowledge develops into a special relationship relative to the laws of physics so that knowing becomes the how and the what problem must be fixed--explaines the world's transformation. Retrieved February 8, 2010, from

Videos for what we can do: Ideas and insights improving human achievement:

Green Building Sustainable and Safety Solutions. Includes, for example, Integrated Pest Management Products and Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Systems.

This site  The Web 

4935 Ita Court, Swartz Creek  MI 48473-1387 USA | Voice: 810.630.6440  |  
Mr. C. G. Essex: NewInternational Special Science: Proniss Copyright 2008


Sunday, August 11, 2013

#EmbraceTmrw --Proniss Planetary Green GP

To your objectives and goals for non abusive societal Geoengineering with perma culture forest gardening curriculum PK-12.

--Mr. C. G. Essex, Advocacy / Activist for the Planetary Civilization / IV / V-20130811-updates-0609
1:06 am 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Proniss Journal Insight Advocacy Activist

Insight in reference and right action builds the Planetary-Stellar Renewable Energy Systems with the Dynamic Equilibrium of right action and right (correct) results via the Scientific Method and the Natural Laws of Science.

--Mr. CGE.
Copyright April 4, 2013


Fresco, J. (2002). The best that money can't buy: Beyond politics, poverty, &

       war. Venus  Florida: Global Cyber-Visions.  

10:40 am 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fair Tax


Subject: Fair Tax

Consider in terms of Personal Objectives, Goals, and Purpose:

Proniss Insight: Sustainable economy recovery must by necessity facilitate a healthy ecology. Both a sustaining economy of a healthy ecology must together nurture both each individual's initiative and his or her opportunity to engage with the free-global market their Entrepreneurships. To support such sustaining entrepreneurships, the Federal Government must change the Federal Income Tax Code to a Fair Tax system of taxation. This tax system must enable the investor-buyer to create and build new dwellings for human habitation in the space and time of the earth and beyond.

Called Consumership Investments in the Free Market with right actions by   Individuals and the Federal Government, this combined action must be by Natural Law-the Law that bring right results with right action ergo so that the Laws of Physics (old and new) are transparent by, e.g., new technologies with  mobile applications.




12:13 am 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

post test
12:21 am 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coaching: Looking for Healthy Alternatives

Coaching on Proniss.

Essex (2008-2009): Your health is a main component of your greatness.

When sugar is describes as harmful-and the cause of poor eye sight, loss of memory, and diabetes--a healthy alternative should be welcome. See Essex (2008) for growing at home a healthy alternative:  

Kicking the Sugar Habit with Home-Micro Agriculture

Park (1997-2009) states: "A wholesome alternative to processed sugar and chemically-derived artificial sweeteners, Stevia is becoming more and more popular among health-conscious individuals. It's 20 to 30 times sweeter than sugar cane, yet is non-caloric and doesn't promote tooth decay"!

For example: Sugar Plant: Stevia rebaudiana.


Park, G. W. (1997-2009). Parkseeds. Re: Essex (2008-2009), Retrieved March 2, 2009, from

12:06 am 

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